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Running in the Cloud

There are many benefits to installing your own instance of the DocNow app in the cloud. The installation will be the same as Documenting the Now's Community Instance but will be under your full management. You will be the administrator of the application, which gives the privileges of user management, ability to edit Terms of Service, and other settings. Since Twitter limits each instance to a collection of 10 million tweets per month, installing your own instance is imperative if you are planning large-scale collecting.

Installing DocNow in the cloud will cost money, both for running a server and collecting and storing data. You will need a credit card and cloud service provider account to continue.

Benefits of running your own instance

  • You are the administrator of the application
  • Full control of collected data and 10 million tweet monthly data limit
  • User management
  • API key management (Academic Researcher keys allow collecting further than 7 days back)

Cloud Service Providers

The Docnow App has been successfully tested to run on the following Cloud Service Providers:

Looking to use a CSP not listed here? We'd love to work with you to add documentation. Feel free to edit this repository, or reach out to